WHO-UPLOADS(1)              General Commands Manual             WHO-UPLOADS(1)

       who-uploads - identify the uploaders of Debian source packages

       who-uploads [options] source_package ...

       who-uploads  uses  the  Package  Tracking  System (PTS) to identify the
       uploaders of the three most recent versions of the given  source  pack-
       ages.   Note  that  the  uploaders are identified using their gpg(1) or
       gpg2(1) keys; installing a recent version of the debian-keyring package
       should provide most of the required keys.

       Note  that  because  the  PTS  uses  source packages, you must give the
       source package names, not the binary package names.

       -M, --max-uploads=N
              Specify the maximum number of uploads to display for each  pack-
              age;  the  default  is  3.   Note that you may not see this many
              uploads if there are not this many recorded in the PTS.

       --keyring keyring
              Add keyring to the list of  keyrings  to  be  searched  for  the
              uploader's GPG key.

              By   default,   who-uploads   uses   the   two  Debian  keyrings
              /usr/share/keyrings/debian-keyring.gpg                       and
              /usr/share/keyrings/debian-maintainers.gpg     (although    this
              default can be changed in the configuration  file,  see  below).
              Specifying  this option means that the default keyrings will not
              be examined.  The --keyring option overrides this one.

       --date Show the date of the upload alongside the uploader's details

       --nodate, --no-date
              Do not show the date of  the  upload  alongside  the  uploader's
              details.  This is the default behaviour.

       --no-conf, --noconf
              Do  not  read any configuration files.  This can only be used as
              the first option given on the command-line.

       --help, -h
              Display a help message and exit successfully.

              Display version and copyright information and exit successfully.

       The two configuration files /etc/devscripts.conf and ~/.devscripts  are
       sourced  in  that  order  to set configuration variables.  Command line
       options can be used to override configuration file settings.   Environ-
       ment  variable  settings  are  ignored for this purpose.  The currently
       recognised variables are:

              Show the date of the upload alongside  the  uploader's  details.
              By default, this is "no".

              The  maximum  number of uploads to display for each package.  By
              default, this is 3.

              This is a colon-separated list of the  default  keyrings  to  be
              used.    By   default,   it   is   the   two   Debian   keyrings
              /usr/share/keyrings/debian-keyring.gpg                       and

       The  original  version  of  who-uploads  was  written  by Adeodato Simo
       <dato@net.com.org.es>.   The  current  version  is  by  Julian   Gilbey

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