GIT-UNPACK-OBJECTS(1)             Git Manual             GIT-UNPACK-OBJECTS(1)

       git-unpack-objects - Unpack objects from a packed archive

       git unpack-objects [-n] [-q] [-r] [--strict]

       Read a packed archive (.pack) from the standard input, expanding the
       objects contained within and writing them into the repository in
       "loose" (one object per file) format.

       Objects that already exist in the repository will not be unpacked from
       the packfile. Therefore, nothing will be unpacked if you use this
       command on a packfile that exists within the target repository.

       See git-repack(1) for options to generate new packs and replace
       existing ones.

           Dry run. Check the pack file without actually unpacking the

           The command usually shows percentage progress. This flag suppresses

           When unpacking a corrupt packfile, the command dies at the first
           corruption. This flag tells it to keep going and make the best
           effort to recover as many objects as possible.

           Don't write objects with broken content or links.

           Die, if the pack is larger than <size>.

       Part of the git(1) suite

Git 2.17.1                        09/09/2021             GIT-UNPACK-OBJECTS(1)
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