git pack-redundant [ --verbose ] [ --alt-odb ] < --all | .pack filename ... >

       This program computes which packs in your repository are redundant. The
       output is suitable for piping to xargs rm if you are in the root of the

       git pack-redundant accepts a list of objects on standard input. Any
       objects given will be ignored when checking which packs are required.
       This makes the following command useful when wanting to remove packs
       which contain unreachable objects.

       git fsck --full --unreachable | cut -d ' ' -f3 | \ git pack-redundant
       --all | xargs rm

           Processes all packs. Any filenames on the command line are ignored.

           Don't require objects present in packs from alternate object
           directories to be present in local packs.

           Outputs some statistics to stderr. Has a small performance penalty.

       git-pack-objects(1) git-repack(1) git-prune-packed(1)

       Part of the git(1) suite

Git 2.7.4                         12/09/2019             GIT-PACK-REDUNDANT(1)
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