systemd-debug-generator - Generator for enabling a runtime debug shell
       and masking specific units at boot


       systemd-debug-generator is a generator that reads the kernel command
       line and understands three options:

       If the systemd.mask= option is specified and followed by a unit name,
       this unit is masked for the runtime, similar to the effect of
       systemctl(1)'s mask command. This is useful to boot with certain units
       removed from the initial boot transaction for debugging system startup.
       May be specified more than once.

       If the systemd.wants= option is specified and followed by a unit name,
       a start job for this unit is added to the initial transaction. This is
       useful to start one or more additional units at boot. May be specified
       more than once.

       If the systemd.debug_shell option is specified, the debug shell service
       "debug-shell.service" is pulled into the boot transaction. It will
       spawn a debug shell on tty9 during early system startup. Note that the
       shell may also be turned on persistently by enabling it with
       systemctl(1)'s enable command.

       systemd-debug-generator implements systemd.generator(7).

       systemd(1), systemctl(1), kernel-command-line(7)

systemd 237                                         SYSTEMD-DEBUG-GENERATOR(8)
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