sane-rts8891(5)          SANE Scanner Access Now Easy          sane-rts8891(5)

       sane-rts8891 - SANE backend for rts8891 based scanners

       The  sane-rts8891  library  implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
       backend that provides access to scanners based on the rts8891 ASIC.

       The scanners that work with this backend are:

                 Vendor Model           status
              ----------------------  -----------
                Umax Astra 4400       untested
                Umax Astra 4450       untested
                HP scanjet 4000c      good
                HP scanjet 4470c      good

       The options the backend supports can either be selected through command
       line  options to programs like scanimage or through GUI elements in xs-
       canimage or xsane.

       If you have any strange behavior, please report to  the  backend  main-
       tainer or to the SANE mailing list.

       Valid command line options and their syntax can be listed by using
              scanimage --help -d rts8891

       Scan Mode Options

       --mode selects the basic mode of operation of the scanner valid choices
              are R Color , Gray and Lineart The default mode  is  Color.  The
              Lineart  mode  is  black and white only (1 bit).  Grayscale will
              produce 256 levels of gray (8 bits). Color mode allows for  over
              16  million  different colors produced from 24 bits of color in-

              selects the resolution for a scan. The horizontal  and  vertical
              resolutions  are set by the value of this option. The scanner is
              capable of the following resolutions for  the  specified  option

                Value   Hor. Resolution  Vert. Resolution
                -----   ---------------  -------------------
                75      75dpi            75dpi
                150     150dpi           150dpi
                300     300dpi           300dpi
                600     600dpi           600dpi
                1200    1200dpi          1200dpi

              requests a preview scan. The resolution used for that scan is 75
              dpi and the scan area and the scan mode are as specified through
              their  options,  or  the  default  if not specified. The default
              value for preview mode is "no".

              selects the   minimum-brightness  to  get  a  white  point.  The
              threshold is only used with Lineart mode scans.  It is specified
              as a percentage in the range 0..100% (in steps of 1).   The  de-
              fault value of the threshold option is 50.

       The configuration file @CONFIGDIR@/rts8891.conf contains the usb device
       ids of supported scanners (eg usb 0x043d 0x007c) and scanner configura-
       tion  options.  Empty lines and lines starting with a hash mark (#) are

       The options supported are allowsharing , modelnumber


       allowsharing enables or not the sharing of the scanner between multiple
       frontends at the same time.

       modelnumber  is  used to force the reported model by the backend and is
       only useful in the case of a scanner which NVRAM has been erased.
              0 to report a HP4470c.
              1 to report a HP4400c.
              2 to report an Astra 4400.

              The static library implementing this backend.

              The shared library implementing this backend (present on systems
              that support dynamic loading).

              If  the  library  was compiled with debug support enabled, these
              environment variables controls the debug level for this backend.
              E.g.,  a  value  of 255 requests all debug output to be printed.
              Smaller levels reduce verbosity.

       Scanners of the same model exist with different sensors, due to lack of
       data  (ie  USB  logs) some sensors are better supported than others. At
       least 75 dpi mode is working for any model. Sharing the scanner between
       several  frontends  at the same time (allowsharing option) may not work
       on some USB controllers.

       XPA is no (yet) supported.

       No bugs currently known.

       sane-scsi(5), scanimage(1), xscanimage(1), xsane(1), sane(7)

       This backend has been developed by Stephane Voltz.

       Many thanks go to:
              Laurent Fournier who donated me a HP4470c.  Vladimir Sysoev  and
              "TheUnruly  Squash" for the time they spent recording USB activ-
              ity and testing the experimental version on HP4400 models.

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