The  sane-kodakaio  library implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
       backend which provides access to Kodak aio printer / scanners, like the
       ESP and Hero series.

       This  document describes backend version 2.4, which is the first candi-
       date for incorporation in sane-backends.

       This version should support models of the Kodak ESP  and  Hero  series,
       and  possibly  some Advent AiO scanners. The ESP 5250 and Hero 9.1 were
       used to develop the backend, but other models may work. Please see  the
       desc file.

       If  you  have  a model not on that list, or reported as 'untested': the
       best way to determine level of support is to test the scanner directly.

       The configuration file "kodakaio.conf" is used to tell the backend  how
       to  look for scanners, and provide options controlling the operation of
       the backend.  This file is read each time the frontend asks the backend
       for a list of scanners, generally only when the frontend starts.

       The  backend  uses  a single environment variable, SANE_DEBUG_KODAKAIO,
       which enables debugging output to stderr.

       Most hardware options are either not supported or not exposed for  con-
       trol  by  the  user,  including: multifeed detection, image compression

       P. Newall

                                  17 Jun 2012                 sane-kodakaio(5)
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