sane-epsonds(5)          SANE Scanner Access Now Easy          sane-epsonds(5)

       sane-epsonds - SANE backend for EPSON ESC/I-2 scanners

       The  sane-epsonds  library  implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
       backend that provides access to Epson ESC/I-2 scanners.

       Valid command line options and their syntax can be listed by using
              scanimage --help -d epsonds
       Not all devices support all options.

       Scan Mode
              The --mode switch selects the basic mode  of  operation  of  the
              scanner.  Valid choices are Lineart, Gray and Color. The Lineart
              mode is black and white only, Gray will produce  256  levels  of
              gray  or  more  depending  on the scanner and Color means 24 bit
              color mode or more depending on the scanner.  Some scanners will
              internally  use  36  bit color, their external interface however
              may only support 24 bits.

              The --depth option selects the bit depth the scanner  is  using.
              This  option  is  only  available for scanners that support more
              than one bit depth. Older scanners will always transfer the  im-
              age  in  8bit  mode. Newer scanners allow one to select either 8
              bits, 12 or 14 bits per color channel. For  a  color  scan  this
              means  an  effective color depth of 36 or 42 bits over all three
              channels. The valid choices depend on the scanner model.

              The --resolution switch selects the resolution for a scan.  Some
              EPSON  scanners  will  scan in any resolution between the lowest
              and highest possible value. The list reported by the scanner can
              be  displayed  using the "--help -d epson" parameters to scanim-

              The geometry options -l -t -x -y control the scan area: -l  sets
              the  top left x coordinate, -t the top left y coordinate, -x se-
              lects the width and -y the height of the scan area. All  parame-
              ters are specified in millimeters.

              The  --source  option selects the scan source. Valid options de-
              pend on the installed options. The default is "Flatbed".

              The --eject option ejects the sheet in the ADF.

              The --adf-mode option select the ADF mode (simplex/duplex).

       The configuration file @CONFIGDIR@/epsonds.conf specifies the device(s)
       that the backend will use. Possible connection types are:

       USB    For  not  automatically  detected USB scanners, their VENDOR and
              PRODUCT ID can be specified manually in the config  file.   More
              information  about  valid syntax for USB devices can be found in

       Network (not yet supported)
              Network scanners can  be  auto-discovered  if  autodiscovery  is
              specified  after  net  keyword.  An IP address to connect to can
              also be used.

              The static library implementing this backend.

              The shared library implementing this backend (present on systems
              that support dynamic loading).

              If the library was compiled with debug support enabled, this en-
              vironment variable controls the debug level  for  this  backend.
              E.g.,  a  value  of 128 requests all debug output to be printed.
              Smaller levels reduce verbosity. Values around 11-16  will  usu-
              allybe enough for a bug report.

       sane-usb(5), scanimage(1), xscanimage(1), xsane(1)

       The package is written by Alessandro Zummo

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