This file is a short description of the coolscan-backend for sane!

       The  sane-coolscan  library implements a SANE backend that provides the
       interface to the following Nikon Coolscan Film  scanners:  Nikon  LS20,
       LS30, LS1000, LS2000.

       Even  though  the  backend has worked for a number of people, there are
       still  some  problems,  especially  in  combination  with   some   SCSI
       card/drivers (AHA-1505/aha152x.o) and the autofocus command. You should
       consider this backend 'alpha' and be careful when using  it  the  first

       The    configuration    file    for    this    backend    resides    in

       Its contents is a  list  of  device  names  that  correspond  to  Nikon
       Coolscan  scanners. Empty lines and lines starting with a hash mark (#)
       are ignored. A sample configuration file is shown below:

        #scsi Vendor Model Type
        scsi Nikon * Scanner

       The special device name must be a generic SCSI device or a  symlink  to
       such  a  device.   To find out to which device your scanner is assigned
       and how you have to set the permissions of that device, have a look  at

       Some  SCSI-adapters  and  low-level  SCSI drivers do not work correctly
       with this backend and the Coolscan scanners. These  systems  hang  when
       the  autofocus  command is send to the Scanner.  To see a list of which
       card/driver  combinations  work  or  don't  work  have   a   look   at:

       The backend configuration file:

       The static library implementing this backend:

       The shared library implementing this backend:
              /usr/lib/arch_triplet/sane/  (present on sys-
              tems that support dynamic loading)

              If the library was compiled with  debug  support  enabled,  this
              environment  variable controls the debug level for this backend.
              E.g., a value of 128 requests all debug output  to  be  printed.
              Smaller levels reduce verbosity: SANE_DEBUG_COOLSCAN values

       The gamma table is not implemented for the LS1000 yet.

       The dust-removal is not working yet

              The homepage of this backend
              The original version of the coolscan backend by Didier

       sane(7), sane-scsi(5)

       Didier Carlier - For writing the original Coolscan backend (without  it
       I would not have started this)

       Oliver Rauch - For adapting xsane so quickly to the infrared stuff.

       All the other people working on SANE.

       Andreas Rick


                                  13 Jul 2008                 sane-coolscan(5)
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