MMAP2(2)                   Linux Programmer's Manual                  MMAP2(2)

       mmap2 - map files or devices into memory

       #include <sys/mman.h>

       void *mmap2(void *addr, size_t length, int prot,
                    int flags, int fd, off_t pgoffset);

       This  is  probably  not the system call that you are interested in; in-
       stead, see mmap(2), which describes the glibc wrapper function that in-
       vokes this system call.

       The  mmap2() system call provides the same interface as mmap(2), except
       that the final argument specifies the offset into the file in 4096-byte
       units (instead of bytes, as is done by mmap(2)).  This enables applica-
       tions that use a 32-bit off_t to map large files (up to 2^44 bytes).

       On success, mmap2() returns a pointer to the mapped area.  On error, -1
       is returned and errno is set appropriately.

       EFAULT Problem with getting the data from user space.

       EINVAL (Various platforms where the page size is not 4096 bytes.)  off-
              set * 4096 is not a multiple of the system page size.

       mmap2() can also return any of the errors described in mmap(2).

       mmap2() is available since Linux 2.3.31.

       This system call is Linux-specific.

       On architectures where this system call is present,  the  glibc  mmap()
       wrapper  function invokes this system call rather than the mmap(2) sys-
       tem call.

       This system call does not exist on x86-64.

       On ia64, the unit for offset is actually the system page  size,  rather
       than 4096 bytes.

       getpagesize(2), mmap(2), mremap(2), msync(2), shm_open(3)

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