svn-backup-dumps(1)         General Commands Manual        svn-backup-dumps(1)

       svn-backup-dumps - Create dumpfiles to backup a subversion repository.

       svn-backup-dumps <repos> <dumpdir>

       svn-backup-dumps creates dumpfiles from a subversion repository.  It is
       intended for use in cron jobs and post-commit hooks.

       The basic modes of operation are:

       o      Create a full dump (revisions 0 to HEAD)

       o      Create incremental dump containing at most N revisions.

       o      Create incremental single-revision dumps (for use  in  post-com-

       Dumpfiles   are  named  in  the  format  basename.rev.svndmp  or  base-
       name.rev.rev.svndmp, where basename is the repository  directory  name,
       and  the  rev  arguments are the first and last revision numbers repre-
       sented in the dumpfile, zero-padded to 6 digits.

       Optionally, svn-backup-dumps can compress dumpfiles with gzip or bzip2,
       and  can  transfer  them  to  another host using FTP or SMB (using smb-

              Show program's version number and exit.

       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit.

       -b     Compress the dump using bzip2.

              This is passed through to svnadmin dump.

       -c count
              Maximum number of revisions per dumpfile.

       -o     Overwrite files.

       -O     Overwrite all files.

       -q     Quiet.

       -r rev Specify a single-revision dumpfile.

       -t ftp:host:user:password:path
       -t smb:share:user:password:path
              Transfer dumps to another machine using the FTP  or  SMB  proto-
              cols.   path  is  where  to  store  the  dumpfiles on the remote
              server; any occurrence of %r in the  path  is  replaced  by  the
              repository name.  Support for "smb:" requires the smbclient pro-

       -z     Compress the dump using gzip.

       To create a full dump of all revisions of a repository /srv/svn/foo  in
       the directory /var/backup/svn:

       svn-backup-dumps /srv/svn/foo /var/backup/svn

       The  dumpfile will be named src.000000-NNNNNN.svndmp.gz where NNNNNN is
       the head revision number.

       To create incremental dumps containing at most 1000 revisions:

       svn-backup-dumps --deltas -z -c 1000 /srv/svn/foo /var/backup/svn

       If the youngest revision is 2923, it creates the following files:


       If run again, later, when the youngest revision  is  3045,  it  creates
       these two files:


       Note    that    it    does    not    remove    the    redundant    file

       To create incremental single-revision dumps from a post-commit hook:

       svn-backup-dumps -r $rev $repos /var/backups/svn

       where $rev and $repos are variables previously set in  the  post-commit
       script  from  its  command line.  The dumpfile name will be in the form

       To send the dumpfiles to the SMB share \\ERNEST\BACKUPS in a  directory
       \svn\foo with user svnuser and password w0rth1ng:

              svn-backup-dumps              -t             "smb://ERNEST/BACK-
              UPS:svnuser:w0rth1ng:svn/%r /srv/svn/foo /tmp/tmpbackup

       Note that the %r in the path is replaced by the  repository  name  foo.
       Note  also  that a local backup directory is required, at present, even
       when using the -t option.

       Voluntary contributions made by many individuals.  Copyright  (C)  2006

                                  2006-11-09               svn-backup-dumps(1)
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