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       setfdprm - sets user-provided floppy disk parameters

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          setfdprm [-p] device media-description

          setfdprm [-c | -y | -n] device

       setfdprm is a utility that can be used to load disk parameters into the
       auto-detecting floppy devices and "fixed parameter" floppy devices,  to
       clear  old parameter sets and to disable or enable diagnostic messages.
       These parameters are derived from a media-description, see section  Me-
       dia description for more details.

       Without  any options, setfdprm loads the device (for example `/dev/fd0'
       or `/dev/fd1') with a new parameter set with the name  entry  found  in
       `/etc/mediaprm'  (usually  named  360/360,  etc.).   For  autodetecting
       floppy devices, these parameters stay in  effect  until  the  media  is
       changed.  For "fixed parameter" devices, they stay in effect until they
       are changed again.

       Setfdprm can also be used by the superuser to redefine the default for-

       -p device name
              Permanently  loads  a  new parameter set for the specified auto-
              configuring floppy device for the  configuration  with  name  in
              `/etc/mediaprm'.  Alternatively, the parameters can be given di-
              rectly from the command line.

       -c device
              Clears the  parameter  set  of  the  specified  auto-configuring
              floppy device.

       -y device
              Enables format detection messages for the specified auto-config-
              uring floppy device.

       -n device
              Disables format detection messages for the  specified  auto-con-
              figuring floppy device.

Media description
       Please see the Media description section in the full fdutils documenta-
       - Texinfo documentation (info fdutils)
       - HTML documentation in /usr/share/doc/fdutils/Fdutils.html
       - or DVI documentation in /usr/share/doc/fdutils/Fdutils.dvi.gz

       This documentation is grossly incomplete.

See Also
       Fdutils' texinfo doc

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