rpdump(1)                   General Commands Manual                  rpdump(1)

       rpdump - alpine remote data utility

       rpdump [ -f ] -l Local_file -r Remote_folder

       Rpdump  may be used to copy the actual data from remote Alpine configu-
       ration files or address books into a local file.  It is intended to  be
       used  by  system administrators.  Regular users should normally use the
       facilities provided within Alpine.

       Local_file will normally be a local temporary file.   Remote_folder  is
       the  IMAP  folder being used as a remote Alpine configuration (with the
       help of Alpine's -P, -p, and -x commands or PINECONF, PINERC, and  PIN-
       ERCEX  environment  variables) or remote Alpine address book folder.  A
       copy of the data from Remote_folder will be copied to Local_file.

       -f                  Force the dump even if the remote folder is  in  an
                           unrecognized format.

       -l Local_file       The file on this system that is to be copied to.

       -r Remote_folder    A  remote  folder  name to be copied from.  See the
                           Alpine documentation for the  syntax  of  a  remote
                           folder name.  One example is

       Exit status is zero if all goes well, -1 otherwise.


       Copyright 1989-2007 by the University of Washington.

       $Date: 2005/01/14 20:40:14 $

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