rdmsr [options] regno

       rdmsr  is  a  tool  used for reading a CPU's machine specific registers
       Note: if you're running a Debian kernel, be sure that the msr.ko kernel
       module is loaded. 'modprobe msr' should do the trick. Otherwise, you'll
       get an error about rdmsr not being able to open files in /dev/cpu/...

       --help, -h
              Print a list of available options

       --version, -V
              Print current version

       --hexadecimal, -x
              Display output in hexadecimal (lower case)

       --capital-hex, -X
              Display output in hexadecimal (upper case)

       --decimal, -d
              Display output in signed decimal

       --unsigned, -u
              Display output in unsigned decimal

       --octal, -o
              Display output in octal

       --c-language, -c
              Format output as a C language constant

       --zero-pad, -0
              Output leading zeroes

       --zero-pad, -0
              Output leading zeroes

       --raw, -r
              Output raw binary

       --all, -a
              All processors

       --processor <#>, -p
              Select processor number (default: 0)

       --bitfield h:l, -f
              Output bits [h:l] only

                                   Mar 2008                           rdmsr(1)
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