prepmx(1)                     prepmx Manual Page                     prepmx(1)

       prepmx - preprocessor for PMX, easy music typesetting program

       prepmx [options] jobname [outdir/] [stylefile]

       M-Tx is an easy to use preprocessor language for the PMX music typeset-
       ting program, aimed at people who are not experts.  For an  easy  exam-
       ple, have a look at the following example:

         c2+       e4    g   | b4d-  c1 d c2        |
         c8 g+ e g c- g+ e g | d g f g    c- g+ e g |

       For  syntax  reference,  please look at the M-Tx manual written by Dirk
       Laurie, the creator of the M-Tx language and the author of prepmx,  its
       command line utility.

       prepmx processes the file jobname.mtx to generate jobname.pmx.  You can
       then process this file using the `pmx' command.  PMX is a  preprocessor
       for MusiXTeX.

       outdir/ is the directory where `pmx' will put the final .tex file. Note
       that the trailing slash is mandatory. You can provide a  stylefile  for
       M-Tx.  If  omitted, the file `mtxstyle.txt' in the current directory is
       used, if there is one.

       Options can also be specified in a `Options:'  line  in  the  preamble,
       which takes precedence over the command line.

       -b     never unbeam eighth notes and shorter

       -c     main music lines only - ignore chords

       -D     enable debug mode

       -f     use tonic sol-fa note names

       -i     ignore errors

       -m     music only - ignore lyrics

       -n     indent first system and print default instrument names

       -t     ignore uptext lines

       -u     uptext synchronizes with notes only, not rests

       -v     verbose progress report

       -w     enable pedantic warnings

       -n     select specified case of multiple score

       If  no error was found, prepmx exits with return code 0.  In case of an
       error, the line number of the processed line is returned. This may  not
       always  be  the  line  containing  the actual error. A return status of
       10000 means that the input file was empty or could not be opened.

       M-Tx User's Guide (mtx060.pdf)
       pmx(1), musixtex(1)

       prepmx was written by Dirk Laurie <>.   This  manual  page
       was written by Roland Stigge <> for the Debian project.
       It was revised and extended by  Nis  Martensen  <>,
       mostly by copying text from Dirk Laurie's M-Tx User's Guide.

M-Tx Version 0.60              01 September 2005                     prepmx(1)
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