ppmtowinicon(1)             General Commands Manual            ppmtowinicon(1)

       ppmtowinicon  -  convert 1 or more portable pixmaps into a Windows .ico

       ppmtowinicon [-andpgms] [-output output.ico] [ppmfiles...]

       Reads one or more portable pixmaps as input.  Produces a Microsoft Win-
       dows .ico file as output.

       A  Windows icon contains 1 or more images, at different resolutions and
       color depths.

       Microsoft recommends including at least the following formats  in  each
       icon (size and bits-per-pixel):

       16 x 16 - 4 bpp

       32 x 32 - 4 bpp

       48 x 48 - 8 bpp

       Default I/O is STDIN/STDOUT.

              If  this  option  is given, every second file is read as an "and
              mask" to be used by windows for transparency data for the previ-
              ous  image.  (These are set to fully opaque by default). The and
              mask is a PGM image, where any pixel with maxval intensity means
              opaque  and  any other pixel means not opaque. Note that as with
              all Netpbm programs, you may use a PBM file here and it will  be
              used as if it were the equivalent PGM.

              The and mask is like an alpha mask, except for what it signifies
              in the "not opaque" areas. In the  usual  case,  the  foreground
              image  is  black  in those areas, and in that case the areas are
              fully transparent -- the background shows through the icon.  But
              in general, a not opaque pixel signifies that the background and
              foreground should be merged as follows: The intensities  of  the
              color  components  in  the forgeground and background are repre-
              sented as binary numbers, then corresponding bits of  the  back-
              ground  and  foreground intensities are exlusive-or'ed together.
              So there is a sort of reverse video effect.

       -output output.ico
              File to write.  By default, the icon is written to stdout.

       winicontoppm(1), ppm(5)

       Copyright (C) 2000 by Lee Benfield.

                                  22 May 2000                  ppmtowinicon(1)
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