ppmtoicr(1)                 General Commands Manual                ppmtoicr(1)

       ppmtoicr - convert a portable pixmap into NCSA ICR format

       ppmtoicr  [-windowname name] [-expand expand] [-display display] [-rle]

       Reads a portable pixmap file as input.  Produces an NCSA Telnet  Inter-
       active  Color  Raster  graphic  file as output.  If ppmfile is not sup-
       plied, ppmtoicr will read from standard input.

       Interactive Color Raster (ICR) is  a  protocol  for  displaying  raster
       graphics  on  workstation  screens. The protocol is implemented in NCSA
       Telnet for the Macintosh version 2.3.  The ICR protocol shares  charac-
       teristics  of  the Tektronix graphics terminal emulation protocol.  For
       example, escape sequences are used to control the display.

       ppmtoicr will output the appropriate sequences to create  a  window  of
       the dimensions of the input pixmap, create a colormap of up to 256 col-
       ors on the display, then load the picture data into the window.

       Note that there is no icrtoppm tool - this transformation is one way.

                     Output will be displayed in name (Default is to use  ppm-
                     file or "untitled" if standard input is read.)

       -expandexpand Output  will be expanded on display by factor expand (For
                     example, a value of 2 will cause four pixels to  be  dis-
                     played for every input pixel.)

                     Output will be displayed on screen numbered display

       -rle          Use  run-length  encoded  format  for display. (This will
                     nearly always result in a quicker display, but  may  skew
                     the colormap.)

       To display a ppm file using the protocol:
           ppmtoicr ppmfile
       This will create a window named ppmfile on the display with the correct
       dimensions for ppmfile, create and download a colormap  of  up  to  256
       colors,  and  download the picture into the window. The same effect may
       be achieved by the following sequence:
           ppmtoicr ppmfile > filename
           cat filename
       To display a GIF file using the protocol in a window titled  after  the
       input  file,  zoom the displayed image by a factor of 2, and run-length
       encode the data:
           giftopnm giffile | ppmtoicr -w giffile -r -e 2

       The protocol uses frequent fflush calls to speed  up  display.  If  the
       output  is  saved  to a file for later display via cat, drawing will be
       much slower. In either case, increasing the Blocksize limit on the dis-
       play will speed up transmission substantially.


       NCSA  Telnet  for the Macintosh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Cham-
       paign (1989)

       Copyright (C) 1990 by Kanthan Pillay (svpillay@Princeton.EDU),  Prince-
       ton University Computing and Information Technology.

                                 30 July 1990                      ppmtoicr(1)
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