ppmhist(1)                  General Commands Manual                 ppmhist(1)

       ppmhist - print a histogram of a portable pixmap

       ppmhist [-hexcolor] [-noheader] [-map] [-nomap] [-sort={frequency,rgb}]

       Reads a PPM image as input.  Generates a histogram of the colors in the
       image,  i.e. a list of all the colors and how many pixels of each color
       are in the image.

              The -sort option determines the order in which  the  colors  are
              listed  in the output.  frequency means to list them in order of
              how pixels in the input image have the color, with the most rep-
              resented  colors  first.   rgb  means  to sort them first by the
              intensity of the red component of the color, the of  the  green,
              then of the blue, with the least intense first.

              The default is frequency.

              Print the color components in hexadecimal.  Default is decimal.

              Do not print the column headings.

       -map   Generates  a  PPM  file  of the colormap for the image, with the
              color histogram as comments.

       -nomap Generates the histogram for human reading.  This is the default.

       ppm(5), pgmhist(1), ppmtomap(1), pnmhistmap(1), ppmchange(1)

       Copyright (C) 1989 by Jef Poskanzer.

                               17 September 2000                    ppmhist(1)
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