pinentry-gnome3 [OPTION...]

       pinentry-gnome3  is  a  program that allows for secure entry of PINs or
       pass phrases.  That means it tries to take care that the entered infor-
       mation  is  not  swapped  to disk or temporarily stored anywhere.  This
       functionality is particularly useful for  entering  pass  phrases  when
       using  encryption  software  such  as GnuPG or e-mail clients using the
       same.  It uses an open protocol and is therefore not tied to particular

       pinentry-gnome3  implements  a PIN entry dialog based on GNOME 3, which
       aims to follow the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines as closely as  pos-
       sible.   If the X Window System is not active then an alternative text-
       mode dialog will be used.  There are other flavors that  implement  PIN
       entry dialogs using other tool kits.

       pinentry-gnome3 is typically used internally by gpg-agent.  Users don't
       normally have a reason to call it directly.

              Print the program version and licensing information.

       --help Print a usage message summarizing the most  useful  command-line

       --debug, -d
              Turn  on  some  debugging.   Mostly  useful for the maintainers.
              Note that this may reveal sensitive information like the entered
              pass phrase.

       --enhanced, -e
              Ask  for  timeouts  and  insurance, too.  Note that this is cur-
              rently not fully supported.

       --no-global-grab, -g
              Grab the keyboard only when the window  is  focused.   Use  this
              option if you are debugging software using pinentry-gnome3; oth-
              erwise you may not be able to to access your X  session  anymore
              (unless  you  have other means to connect to the machine to kill

       --parent-wid N
              Use window ID N as the parent window for positioning the window.
              Note,  that this is not fully supported by all flavors of pinen-

       --display STRING, --ttyname STRING, --ttytype STRING, --lc-type STRING,
       --lc-messages STRING
              These  options  are  used  to  pass  localization information to
              pinentry-gnome3.  They are required because  pinentry-gnome3  is
              usually  called  by  some background process which does not have
              any information on the locale and terminal to use.  Assuan  pro-

       This  manual  page  was  written  by Daniel Kahn Gillmor for the Debian
       project, adapted from other pinentry  manual  pages  written  by  Peter

                                  01 Jun 2015               PINENTRY-GNOME3(1)
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