pbmtoascii [-1x2|-2x4] [pbmfile]

       Reads  a  portable  bitmap  as  input.  Produces a somewhat crude ASCII
       graphic as output.

       Note that there is no asciitopbm tool - this transformation is one-way.

       The -1x2 and -2x4 flags give you two alternate ways for the bits to get
       mapped to characters.  With 1x2, the default, each character represents
       a group of 1 bit across by 2 bits down.  With -2x4, each character rep-
       resents  2  bits  across by 4 bits down.  With the 1x2 mode you can see
       the individual bits, so it's useful for previewing small bitmaps  on  a
       non-graphics terminal.  The 2x4 mode lets you display larger bitmaps on
       a standard 80-column display, but it obscures bit-level  details.   2x4
       mode is also good for displaying graymaps - "pnmscale -width 158 | pgm-
       norm | pgmtopbm -thresh" should give good results.


       Copyright (C) 1988, 1992 by Jef Poskanzer.

                                 20 March 1992                   pbmtoascii(1)
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