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       Mattrib  is used to change MS-DOS file attribute flags. It has the fol-
       lowing syntax:

       mattrib [-a|+a] [-h|+h] [-r|+r] [-s|+s] [-/]   [-p]  [-X]  msdosfile  [
       msdosfiles ... ]

       Mattrib  adds attribute flags to an MS-DOS file (with the `+' operator)
       or remove attribute flags (with the `-' operator).

       Mattrib supports the following attribute bits:

       a      Archive bit.  Used by some backup programs  to  indicate  a  new

       r      Read-only  bit.   Used to indicate a read-only file.  Files with
              this bit set cannot be erased by DEL nor modified.

       s      System bit.  Used by MS-DOS to indicate a operating system file.

       h      Hidden bit.  Used to make files hidden from DIR.

       Mattrib supports the following command line flags:

       /      Recursive.  Recursively list the attributes of the files in  the

       X      Concise.  Prints  the attributes without any whitespace padding.
              If neither the "/" option is given, nor the msdosfile contains a
              wildcard, and there is only one Msdos file parameter on the com-
              mand line, only the attribute is printed, and not the  filename.
              This option is convenient for scripts

       p      Replay  mode.   Outputs  a  series of mformat commands that will
              reproduce the current situation, starting from  a  situation  as
              left  by untarring the Dos filesystem.  Commands are only output
              for attribute settings that differ from the default (archive bit
              set  for files, unset for directories).  This option is intended
              to be used in addition to tar. The  readonly  attribute  is  not
              taken into account, as tar can set that one itself.

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