macptopbm(1)                General Commands Manual               macptopbm(1)

       macptopbm - convert a MacPaint file into a portable bitmap

       macptopbm [-extraskip N] [macpfile]

       Reads a MacPaint file as input.  Produces a portable bitmap as output.

              This flag is to get around a problem with some methods of trans-
              ferring files from the Mac world to the  Unix  world.   Most  of
              these  methods  leave the Mac files alone, but a few of them add
              the "finderinfo" data onto the front of  the  Unix  file.   This
              means  an  extra  128  bytes to skip over when reading the file.
              The symptom to watch for is that the resulting  PBM  file  looks
              shifted  to  one side.  If you get this, try -extraskip 128, and
              if that still doesn't look right try another value.

       All flags can be abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix.

       picttoppm(1), pbmtomacp(1), pbm(5)

       Copyright (C) 1988 by Jef  Poskanzer.   The  MacPaint-reading  code  is
       copyright (c) 1987 by Patrick J. Naughton (

                                 29 March 1989                    macptopbm(1)
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