DISTRO-INFO(1)              General Commands Manual             DISTRO-INFO(1)

       distro-info - provides information about the distributions' releases

       distro-info [OPTIONS]

       distro-info  is a symlink to the distro-info command for your distribu-
       tion.  On Debian it links to debian-distro-info and on Ubuntu it  links
       to  ubuntu-distro-info.   All options described in this manual page are
       available in all distro-info commands. All other options, which are not
       described here, are distribution specific.

              date for calculating the version (default: today)

       -h, --help
              display help message and exit

       -a, --all
              list all known versions

       -y[MILESTONE], --days[=MILESTONE]
              display number of days until specified version reaches the spec-
              ified milestone.  MILESTONE may be one of created, release, eol,
              or  eol-server.   If  no milestone is specified, assume release.
              For options that return a list, display the normal  output  fol-
              lowed  by  whitespace and the number of days until the specified

       -d, --devel
              latest development version

              series to calculate the version for

       -s, --stable
              latest stable version

              list of all supported stable versions

              list of all unsupported stable versions

       -c, --codename
              print the codename (default)

       -r, --release
              print the release version

       -f, --fullname
              print the full name

       debian-distro-info(1), ubuntu-distro-info(1)

       The  script  and  this  manual  page  was  written  by  Benjamin  Drung

distro-info                       August 2013                   DISTRO-INFO(1)
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