DEBIAN-DISTRO-INFO(1)       General Commands Manual      DEBIAN-DISTRO-INFO(1)

       debian-distro-info - provides information about Debian's distributions

       debian-distro-info [OPTIONS]

              date for calculating the version (default: today)

       -h, --help
              display help message and exit

              print  the alias (oldstable, stable, testing, unstable) relative
              to the distribution codename passed as an argument.   Only  dis-
              tribution  codenames  composed  of  lower case ASCII letters are
              accepted, and if the distribution does not qualify as oldstable,
              stable,  testing,  or unstable, then the same codename passed as
              argument is returned.

       -a, --all
              list all known versions

       -y[MILESTONE], --days[=MILESTONE]
              display number of days until specified version reaches the spec-
              ified  milestone.   MILESTONE may be one of created, release, or
              eol.  If no milestone is specified, assume release.  For options
              that return a list, display the normal output followed by white-
              space and the number of days until the specified milestone.   If
              milestone  cannot  be calculated, the string '(unknown)' is dis-
              played.  Unless one of -c, -f or -r is specified, only the  num-
              ber of days will be displayed.

       -d, --devel
              latest development version

       -o, --old
              latest old (stable) version

              series to calculate the version for

       -s, --stable
              latest stable version

              list of all supported stable versions

       -t, --testing
              latest testing version

              list of all unsupported stable versions

       -c, --codename
              print the codename (default)

       -r, --release
              print the release version

       -f, --fullname
              print the full name

       distro-info(1), ubuntu-distro-info(1)

       The  script  and  this  manual  page  was  written  by  Benjamin  Drung

distro-info                       August 2013            DEBIAN-DISTRO-INFO(1)
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