defoma-subst(1)             General Commands Manual            defoma-subst(1)

       defoma-subst - Modify a rulefile of Defoma font substitution system.

       defoma-subst [options] new-rule rulename [additional-lines...]
       defoma-subst [options] edit-rule rulename
       defoma-subst [options] add-rule rulename rules...
       defoma-subst [options] remove-rule rulename rules...
       defoma-subst check-rule rulename

       defoma-subst is a tool to create/edit a rulefile of Defoma font substi-
       tution system.  This system makes a certain font provide an user-speci-
       fied id. Rulefile exists in order not only to specify such ids but also
       to have more similar fonts containing same  characters  substitute  for
       the id.

       Following is the form of rulefile.

       # comment..
       # comment..
       Helvetica --GeneralFamily SansSerif --Shape NoSerif \
         Upright --Weight Medium --Charset,* ISO8859-1
       Helvetica-Bold --GeneralFamily SansSerif --Shape NoSerif \
         Upright --Weight Medium --Charset,* ISO8859-1

       In this example Helvetica and Helvetica-Bold are need-to-be-substituted
       ids, and following hints represent information of these two fonts.  The
       asterisk added to Charset hinttype with comma means Charset is required
       to match.

              Create a new  rulefile  rulename.subst-rule  under  /etc/defoma.
              additional-lines  are  added  to the file as comments or default
              rules. Quote each rule or comment with single or  double  quota-

              Edit the rulefile specified by rulename.  After editing, modifi-
              cation is reflected to the related Id cache. In other words, new
              ids  would  be  added  provided  by substitutive fonts to the Id
              cache if a rule is added, and registered ids  would  be  removed
              from the Id cache if a rule is removed.

              Add  one or more rules specified by rules to the specified rule-
              name.  Quote each rule with single or double quotations.

              Remove one or more rules specified by rules from  the  specified
              rulename.  Quote each rule with single or double quotations.

              Check  if  the rulefile specified by rulename exists. It returns
              zero when the rulefile exists, and non-zero (actually one)  when
              the rulefile doesn't exist.

       -t     Exit with true value (0) even if error occurs.

       -v     Verbose output.

       -d     More verbose output.

       -q     Quiet output.

       1. Create foo.subst-rule with some comments and default rules.

       defoma-subst new-rule foo '# This is a comment. ' \
         '# Run defoma-subst edit-rule foo to edit this file.' \
         'Times-Roman --GeneralFamily Roman --Charset,* ISO8859-1' \
         'Kanji-H --GeneralFamily Mincho --Charset,* JISX0208'

       2. Add some rules to foo.subst-rule.

       defoma-subst add-rule foo \
         'Times-Roman --GeneralFamily Roman --Charset,* ISO8859-1' \
         'Kanji-H --GeneralFamily Mincho --Charset,* JISX0208' \


                                March  4, 2001                 defoma-subst(1)
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