dcmd [options] [command] [changes-file|dsc-file] ...

       dcmd  replaces  any reference to a .dsc or .changes file in the command
       line with the list of files in  its  'Files'  section,  plus  the  file
       itself.   It  allows  easy manipulation of all the files involved in an
       upload (for .changes files) or a source package (for .dsc files).

       If command is omitted (that is the first argument is an  existing  .dsc
       or .changes file), the expanded list of files is printed to stdout, one
       file by line. Useful for usage in backticks.

       There are a number of options which may be used in order to select only
       a  subset  of  the  files  listed  in  the  .dsc or .changes file. If a
       requested file is not found, an error message will be printed.

       --dsc         Select the .dsc file.

       --schanges    Select .changes files for the 'source' architecture.

       --bchanges    Select .changes files for binary architectures.

       --changes     Select .changes files. Implies --schanges and --bchanges.

       --archdeb     Select  architecture-dependent  binary   packages   (.deb

       --indepdeb    Select  architecture-independent  binary  packages  (.deb

       --deb         Select binary packages (.deb  files).  Implies  --archdeb
                     and --indepdeb.

       --archudeb    Select architecture-dependent .udeb binary packages.

       --indepudeb   Select architecture-independent .udeb binary packages.

       --udeb        Select  .udeb  binary  packages.  Implies  --archudeb and

       --tar, --orig Select the .tar file.

       --diff        Select the Debian .diff file.

       Each option may be prefixed by --no to  indicate  that  all  files  not
       matching the specification should be selected.

       It  is  not possible to combine positive filtering options (e.g. --dsc)
       and negative filtering options (e.g. --no-changes)  in  the  same  dcmd


       $ dcmd --diff --deb scp rcs_5.7-23_amd64.changes elegiac:/tmp
       rcs_5.7-23.diff.gz              100%   12KB  11.7KB/s   00:00
       rcs_5.7-23_amd64.deb            100%  363KB 362.7KB/s   00:00

       Check the contents of a source package:

       $ dcmd md5sum rcs_5.7-23.dsc
       8fd09ea9654cda128f8d5c337d3b8de7  rcs_5.7.orig.tar.gz
       f0ceeae96603e823eacba6721a30b5c7  rcs_5.7-23.diff.gz
       5241db1e231b1f43ae5514b63d2523f8  rcs_5.7-23.dsc

       $ dcmd --no-diff md5sum rcs_5.7-23.dsc
       8fd09ea9654cda128f8d5c337d3b8de7  rcs_5.7.orig.tar.gz
       5241db1e231b1f43ae5514b63d2523f8  rcs_5.7-23.dsc

       dpkg-genchanges(1), dpkg-source(1)

       This program was written by  Romain  Francoise  <rfrancoise@debian.org>
       and is released under the GPL, version 2 or later.

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