cvs-switchroot [-T] newroot [file ...]

     cvs-switchroot [-T] - srcpath [file ...]

     The cvs-switchroot utility manipulates a CVS working copy directly, modi-
     fying the information stored in the administrative subdirectory and sav-
     ing space by hardlinking if possible.

     If the -T option is given, the sticky tag is operated on, otherwise, the
     repository path (CVSROOT).

     The information (Tag or Root) is set to the same as in srcpath if the
     first non-option argument newroot is a sole dash ('-'), the literal value
     newroot otherwise.

     Change all Root information in the current sandbox to /cvs:

          $ cvs-switchroot /cvs .

     Set all roots in the current working directory and all its subdirectories
     to the Root of the parent directory:

          $ cvs-switchroot - .. .

     Hardlink the Tag information in the current working directory, for exam-
     ple /usr/src, and /usr/ports with each other:

          $ cvs-switchroot -T - . . /usr/ports


     cvs-switchroot has existed in the MirBSD source tree since 2005.  It was
     added to Debian's cvs package in 2011.

     cvs-switchroot depends on mksh.

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