update-gconf-defaults [options]

       This manual page documents briefly the update-gconf-defaults command.

       update-gconf-defaults is responsible for generating  defaults  used  by
       GConf from the files found in /usr/share/gconf/defaults.

       The  syntax of files in this directory consists in lines containing the
       key name, some white space, and the key value, which can be an integer,
       a boolean, a float, a string or a list of strings. Example:

       /apps/myprogram/frob_number     42
       /apps/myprogram/do_foo          true
       /apps/myprogram/priority        1.25
       /apps/myprogram/name            "Gotcha !"
       /apps/myprogram/names           [Ha ha!,Let's keep serious,Ho ho!]

       Files  are  processed in alphabetical order. Files processed later take
       precedence over the previous ones if they include  the  same  defaults.
       Thus, it is recommended to name them NN_package with NN being a 2-digit
       number and package the package name. It is recommended to set NN as  10
       for  packages  in  the Debian archive, 20 for derived distributions, 50
       for CDD distributions, and 90 for site-specific packages.

       --source source_dir
              Specify  an  alternate  source  directory  where  to  find   the

       --destination destination_dir
              Specify  an  alternate  destination directory where to build the
              resulting GConf tree.

              Sets source and  destination  directories  appropriate  for  the
              mandatory values.

              The directory from which defaults files are read.

              The  directory  from which defaults files for mandatory settings
              are read.

              The directory where the GConf tree for default settings is  gen-
              erated.  It  is read by GConf with the default Debian configura-
              tion, and it takes precedence over upstream defaults.

              The directory where the GConf tree  for  mandatory  settings  is
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