Firewall mark classifier in tc(8)    Linux   Firewall mark classifier in tc(8)

       fw - fwmark traffic control filter

       tc filter ... fw [ classid CLASSID ] [ action ACTION_SPEC ]

       the  fw  filter  allows  to  classify packets based on a previously set
       fwmark by iptables.  If it is identical to  the  filter's  handle,  the
       filter  matches.   iptables allows to mark single packets with the MARK
       target, or whole connections using CONNMARK.  The benefit of using this
       filter instead of doing the heavy-lifting with tc itself is that on one
       hand it might be convenient to keep packet filtering and classification
       in  one  place, possibly having to match a packet just once, and on the
       other users familiar with iptables but not tc will  have  a  less  hard
       time adding QoS to their setups.

       classid CLASSID
              Push matching packets to the class identified by CLASSID.

       action ACTION_SPEC
              Apply  an  action from the generic actions framework on matching

       Take e.g. the following tc filter statement:

              tc filter add ... handle 6 fw classid 1:1

       will match if the packet's fwmark value is 6.  This is a  sample  ipta-
       bles statement marking packets coming in on eth0:

              iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -j MARK --set-mark 6

       tc(8), iptables(8), iptables-extensions(8)

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