tc  filter  ...  flower [ MATCH_LIST ] [ action ACTION_SPEC ] [ classid
               CLASSID ]


       MATCH := { indev ifname | { dst_mac | src_mac } mac_address |  eth_type
               {  ipv4 | ipv6 | ETH_TYPE } | ip_proto { tcp | udp | IP_PROTO }
               | { dst_ip | src_ip } {  ipv4_address  |  ipv6_address  }  |  {
               dst_port | src_port } port_number }

       The  flower  filter  matches  flows  to  the  set of keys specified and
       assigns an arbitrarily chosen class ID to packets  belonging  to  them.
       Additionally  (or  alternatively)  an  action  from  the generic action
       framework may be called.

       action ACTION_SPEC
              Apply an action from the generic actions framework  on  matching

       classid CLASSID
              Specify  a  class to pass matching packets on to.  CLASSID is in
              the form X:Y, while X and Y are interpreted as numbers in  hexa-
              decimal format.

       indev ifname
              Match  on  incoming  interface  name. Obviously this makes sense
              only for forwarded flows.  ifname is the name  of  an  interface
              which must exist at the time of tc invocation.

       dst_mac mac_address
       src_mac mac_address
              Match on source or destination MAC address.

       eth_type ETH_TYPE
              Match on layer three protocol.  ETH_TYPE may be either ipv4,ipv6
              or an unsigned 16bit value in hexadecimal format.

       ip_proto IP_PROTO
              Match on layer four protocol.  IP_PROTO may be either tcp,udp or
              an unsigned 8bit value in hexadecimal format.

       dst_ip ADDRESS
       src_ip ADDRESS
              Match  on  source  or destination IP address.  ADDRESS must be a
              valid IPv4 or IPv6 address, depending on ether_type,  which  has
              to be specified in beforehand.

       dst_port NUMBER
       src_port NUMBER
              Match  on  layer  4  protocol source or destination port number.
              Only available for ip_proto values udp and tcp, which has to  be
              specified in beforehand.

       tc(8), tc-flow(8)

iproute2                          22 Oct 2015           Flower filter in tc(8)
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