/lib/systemd/systemd-udevd [--daemon] [--debug] [--children-max=]
                                  [--exec-delay=] [--event-timeout=]
                                  [--version] [--help]

       systemd-udevd listens to kernel uevents. For every event, systemd-udevd
       executes matching instructions specified in udev rules. See udev(7).

       The behavior of the daemon can be configured using udev.conf(5), its
       command line options, environment variables, and on the kernel command
       line, or changed dynamically with udevadm control.

           Detach and run in the background.

           Print debug messages to standard error.

           Limit the number of events executed in parallel.

           Delay the execution of RUN instructions by the given number of
           seconds. This option might be useful when debugging system crashes
           during coldplug caused by loading non-working kernel modules.

           Set the number of seconds to wait for events to finish. After this
           time, the event will be terminated. The default is 180 seconds.

           Specify when systemd-udevd should resolve names of users and
           groups. When set to early (the default), names will be resolved
           when the rules are parsed. When set to late, names will be resolved
           for every event. When set to never, names will never be resolved
           and all devices will be owned by root.

           Print a short help text and exit.

           Print a short version string and exit.

       Parameters starting with "rd." will be read when systemd-udevd is used

       udev.event-timeout=, rd.udev.event-timeout=
           Wait for events to finish up to the given number of seconds. This
           option might be useful if events are terminated due to kernel
           drivers taking too long to initialize.

           Network interfaces are renamed to give them predictable names when
           possible. It is enabled by default; specifying 0 disables it.

       udev.conf(5), udev(7), udevadm(8)

systemd 229                                           SYSTEMD-UDEVD.SERVICE(8)
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