SPLIT-LOGFILE(8)                 split-logfile                SPLIT-LOGFILE(8)

       split-logfile  -  Split combined virtual hosts access log into one file
       per virtual host

       split-logfile < logfile

       This script will take a combined Web server access log file  and  break
       its  contents  into separate files.  It assumes that the first field of
       each line is the virtual host identity (put there by  "%v"),  and  that
       the logfiles should be named that+".log" in the current directory.

       The  combined  log  file  is  read  from  stdin.   Records read will be
       appended to any existing log files.

       split-logfile < /var/log/apache2/other_vhosts_access.log

Apache HTTP Server                2009-12-06                  SPLIT-LOGFILE(8)
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