pam_ck_connector [debug]

       The pam_ck_connector PAM module registers a login session with the
       system-wide ConsoleKit daemon. This PAM module should be used with
       caution; only local login managers such as login(1) should use this.
       Since the ConsoleKit daemon can accept both an tty and an X11 display
       the normal parameters set by PAM are not always useful.

       An application can therefore override these with the PAM environment
       (the application should remember to unset these before starting the
       login session).

       Also note that the ConsoleKit daemon may reject registration attempts
       if the given set of data are inconsistent with each other. More more
       information, see the ConsoleKit documentation on the
       OpenSessionWithParameters() method call on the
       org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager D-Bus interface.

       If registration with the ConsoleKit daemon succeeds, this PAM module
       will set the environment variable XDG_SESSION_COOKIE which is used to
       defined membership of a login session.

       This PAM module has the side effect that it creates a connection to the
       system message bus that is kept open until the session ends. This is
       used by the ConsoleKit daemon to track the life-cycle of the session
       and, as such, should the login manager crash, the session will be
       properly unregistered.

          Print debug information.

          Do not create a session if PAM specifies an X11 display instead of a
          /dev/tty terminal.

       pam.conf(5), pam.d(8), pam(8), dbus-daemon(1)

       pam_ck_connector was written by David Zeuthen <>.

ConsoleKit Manual                 02/27/2007               PAM_CK_CONNECTOR(8)
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