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       mysqld - the MySQL server

       mysqld [options]

       mysqld, also known as MySQL Server, is a single multithreaded program
       that does most of the work in a MySQL installation. It does not spawn
       additional processes. MySQL Server manages access to the MySQL data
       directory that contains databases and tables. The data directory is
       also the default location for other information such as log files and
       status files.

           Some installation packages contain a debugging version of the
           server named mysqld-debug. Invoke this version instead of mysqld
           for debugging support, memory allocation checking, and trace file
           support (see Section, "Creating Trace Files").

       When MySQL server starts, it listens for network connections from
       client programs and manages access to databases on behalf of those

       The mysqld program has many options that can be specified at startup.
       For a complete list of options, run this command:

           mysqld --verbose --help

       MySQL Server also has a set of system variables that affect its
       operation as it runs. System variables can be set at server startup,
       and many of them can be changed at runtime to effect dynamic server
       reconfiguration. MySQL Server also has a set of status variables that
       provide information about its operation. You can monitor these status
       variables to access runtime performance characteristics.

       For a full description of MySQL Server command options, system
       variables, and status variables, see Section 5.1, "The MySQL Server".
       For information about installing MySQL and setting up the initial
       configuration, see Chapter 2, Installing and Upgrading MySQL.

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       For more information, please refer to the MySQL Reference Manual, which
       may already be installed locally and which is also available online at

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