ISASET(8)                   System Manager's Manual                  ISASET(8)

       isaset - set ISA registers

       isaset  [-y] [-W|-L] addrreg datareg address value [mask] #for I2C-like
       isaset -f [-y] [-W|-L] address value [mask] #for flat address space

       isaset is a small helper program to set registers visible  through  the
       ISA bus.

       -f     Enable flat address space mode.

       -y     Disable  interactive  mode.  By  default, isaset will wait for a
              confirmation from the user before messing with the ISA bus. When
              this  flag is used, it will perform the operation directly. This
              is mainly meant to be used in scripts.

       -W     Perform a 16-bit write.

       -L     Perform a 32-bit write.

OPTIONS (I2C-like access mode)
       Four options must be provided  to  isaset.  addrreg  contains  the  ISA
       address of the address register for the chip to probe; datareg contains
       the address of the data register. Both addresses are  integers  between
       0x0000  and  0x3FFF. Usually, if the chip's base address is 0x0nn0, the
       address register is at 0x0nn5 and the data register is at  0x0nn6.  The
       most  common base address for hardware monitoring chips is 0x0290.  For
       Super-I/O chips, address register is typically at 0x2E with data regis-
       ter at 0x2F.  The address and value parameters are two integers between
       0x00 and 0xFF. isaset will write value value to  address  address.   An
       optional mask can be provided as a fifth parameter, preserving unmasked
       bits at the written location.

OPTIONS (flat address space mode)
       In flat mode, two parameters must be provided. address contains the ISA
       address  of  the  register to write to; it is an integer between 0x0000
       and 0xFFFF. Basically, it is the sum of the chip's base address and the
       chip register's address. isaset will write value value at this address.
       An optional mask can be  provided  as  a  third  parameter,  preserving
       unmasked bits at the written location.

       Poking around in ISA data space is extremely dangerous.  Running isaset
       with random parameters can cause system crashes, data loss, and  worse!
       Be extremely careful when using this program.

       i2cset(8), isadump(8)

       Mark  D.  Studebaker,  and  the  lm_sensors  group  (http://www.lm-sen-

       This manual page was shamelessly ripped from  the  i2cset  and  isadump
       manual pages by Jean Delvare.

                                  April 2011                         ISASET(8)
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