IP-FOU(8)                            Linux                           IP-FOU(8)

       ip-fou - Foo-over-UDP receive port configuration

       ip-gue - Generic UDP Encapsulation receive port configuration

       ip [ OPTIONS ] fou  { COMMAND | help }

       ip fou add port PORT { gue | ipproto PROTO  }
       ip fou del port PORT
       ip fou show

       The ip fou commands are used to create and delete receive ports for
       Foo-over-UDP (FOU) as well as Generic UDP Encapsulation (GUE).

       Foo-over-UDP allows encapsulating packets of an IP protocol directly
       over UDP. The receiver infers the protocol of a packet received on a
       FOU UDP port to be the protocol configured for the port.

       Generic UDP Encapsulation (GUE) encapsulates packets of an IP protocol
       within UDP and an encapsulation header. The encapsulation header con-
       tains the IP protocol number for the encapsulated packet.

       When creating a FOU or GUE receive port, the port number is specified
       in PORT argument. If FOU is used, the IP protocol number associated
       with the port is specified in PROTO argument.

       A FOU or GUE receive port is deleted by specifying PORT in the delete

   Configure a FOU receive port for GRE bound to 7777
       # ip fou add port 7777 ipproto 47

   Configure a FOU receive port for IPIP bound to 8888
       # ip fou add port 8888 ipproto 4

   Configure a GUE receive port bound to 9999
       # ip fou add port 9999 gue

   Delete the GUE receive port bound to 9999
       # ip fou del port 9999


       Tom Herbert <therbert@google.com>

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