RPC.IDMAPD(8)             BSD System Manager's Manual            RPC.IDMAPD(8)

     rpc.idmapd -- NFSv4 ID <-> Name Mapper

     rpc.idmapd [-h] [-f] [-v] [-C] [-S] [-p path] [-c path]

     rpc.idmapd is the NFSv4 ID <-> name mapping daemon.  It provides func-
     tionality to the NFSv4 kernel client and server, to which it communicates
     via upcalls, by translating user and group IDs to names, and vice versa.

     Note that on more recent kernels only the NFSv4 server uses rpc.idmapd.
     The NFSv4 client instead uses nfsidmap(8), and only falls back to
     rpc.idmapd if there was a problem running the nfsidmap(8) program.

     The options are as follows:

     -h           Display usage message.

     -v           Increases the verbosity level (can be specified multiple

     -f           Runs rpc.idmapd in the foreground and prints all output to
                  the terminal.

     -p path      Specifies the location of the RPC pipefs to be path.  The
                  default value is "/var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs".

     -c path      Use configuration file path.

     -C           Client-only: perform no idmapping for any NFS server, even
                  if one is detected.

     -S           Server-only: perform no idmapping for any NFS client, even
                  if one is detected.

     rpc.idmapd -f -vvv

     Runs rpc.idmapd printing all messages to console, and with a verbosity
     level of 3.


     idmapd.conf(5), nfsidmap(8)

     The rpc.idmapd software has been developed by Marius Aamodt Eriksen

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