DEBUGREISERFS(8)            System Manager's Manual           DEBUGREISERFS(8)

       debugreiserfs - The debugging tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.

       debugreiserfs [ -dDJmoqpuSV ] [ -j device ] [ -B file ] [ -1 N ]


       debugreiserfs  sometimes helps to solve problems with reiserfs filesys-
       tems.  When run without options it prints the super block of the  Reis-
       erFS filesystem found on the device.

       device is  the  special file corresponding to the device (e.g /dev/hdXX
              for an IDE disk partition or /dev/sdXX for a  SCSI  disk  parti-

       -j device
              prints  the  contents of the journal. The option -p allows it to
              pack the journal with other metadata into the archive.

       -J     prints the journal header.

       -d     prints the formatted nodes of the internal tree of the  filesys-

       -D     prints the formatted nodes of all used blocks of the filesystem.

       -m     prints the contents of the bitmap (slightly useful).

       -o     prints the objectid map (slightly useful).

       -B file
              takes  the  list  of  bad blocks stored in the internal ReiserFS
              tree and translates it into an ascii list written to the  speci-
              fied file.

       -1 blocknumber
              prints the specified block of the filesystem.

       -p     extracts   the   filesystem's  metadata  with  debugreiserfs  -p
              /dev/xxx | gzip -c > xxx.gz. None of your data are packed unless
              a  filesystem  corruption  presents  when the whole block having
              this corruption is packed. You send us the output, and we use it
              to  create  a  filesystem  with the same strucure as yours using
              debugreiserfs -u.  When the data file is  not  too  large,  this
              usually allows us to quickly reproduce and debug the problem.

       -u     builds  the  ReiserFS  filesystem  image with gunzip -c xxx.gz |
              debugreiserfs -u /dev/image of the  previously  packed  metadata
              with  debugreiserfs  -p. The result image is not the same as the
              original filesystem, because mostly only  metadata  were  packed
              with  debugreiserfs  -p,  but  the  filesystem structure is com-
              pletely recreated.

       -S     When -S is not specified -p deals with blocks marked used in the
              filesystem  bitmap only. With this option set debugreiserfs will
              work with the entire device.

       -q     When -p is in use, suppress showing the speed of progress.

       This version of  debugreiserfs  has  been  written  by  Vitaly  Fertman

       Please report bugs to the ReiserFS developers <reiserfs-devel@vger.ker->, providing as much  information  as  possible--your  hardware,
       kernel,  patches, settings, all printed messages; check the syslog file
       for any related information.

       reiserfsck(8), mkreiserfs(8)

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