/sbin/capsh [args ...]

       --help this message

              display capability relevant state

              decode a hex string to a list of caps

              remove xxx,.. capabilities from bset

              set caps as per cap_from_text()

              set xxx,.. inheritiable set

              write a new value for securebits

              set keep-capabability bit to <n>

              set uid to <n> (hint: id <username>)

              chroot(2) to this path to invoke bash

              send signal(n) to child

              fork and make child sleep for <n> sec

       ==     re-exec(capsh) with args as for --

       --     remaing  arguments  are  for /bin/bash (without -- [/sbin/capsh]
              will simply exit(0))

capsh 2.17                      September 2009                        CAPSH(8)
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