This  program,  utility  or  function  does  not have a useful manpage.
       Before opening a bug to report this, please check with the  Debian  Bug
       Tracking System (BTS) at <http://bugs.debian.org/> if a bug has already
       been reported.  If not, you can submit a wishlist bug if you want.

       If you are a competent and accurate writer and are willing to spend the
       time  reading  the source code and writing good manpages please write a
       better man page than this one.  Please contact the  package  maintainer
       and copy man-pages@qa.debian.org in order to avoid several people work-
       ing on the same manpage.

       Even if you are not an accurate writer,  your  input  may  be  helpful.
       Writing  manual pages is quite easy, the format is described in man(7).
       The most important and time-consuming task is to collect  the  informa-
       tion to be put in the new manpage.

       It  is  possible  that  the  man  page for the command you specified is
       installed and that your manual page index caches are out of  sync.  You
       should try running mandb(8).

       Try the following options if you want more information:

       foo --help, foo -h, foo -?

       info foo

       whatis foo, apropos foo

       dpkg --listfiles foo, dpkg --search foo

       locate '*foo*'

       find / -name '*foo*'

       Additionally, check the directories /usr/share/doc/foo, /usr/lib/foo.

       The  documentation might be in a package starting with the same name as
       the package the software belongs to, but ending with -doc or -docs.

       If you still didn't find the information you are looking for you  might
       consider posting a call for help to debian-user@lists.debian.org.

       info(1),  whatis(1),  apropos(1),  dpkg(8),  locate(1), find(1), updat-
       edb(1), undocumented(3), man(7), mandb(8), missing(7).

Debian GNU/Linux               August 24th, 2003               UNDOCUMENTED(7)
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