WNINTRO(5WN)                WordNettm File Formats                WNINTRO(5WN)

       wnintro - introduction to descriptions of WordNet file formats

       cntlist - format of cntlist and cntlist.rev files

       lexnames - list of lexicographer file names and numbers

       prologdb - description of Prolog database files

       senseidx - format of sense index file

       sensemap  -  mapping  from  senses  in WordNet 2.1 to corresponding 3.0

       wndb - format of WordNet database files

       wninput - format of WordNet lexicographer files

       This section of the WordNet Reference Manual contains manual pages that
       describe the formats of the various files included in different WordNet
       3.0 packages.

       All files are in ASCII.  Fields are generally separated by  one  space,
       unless  otherwise  noted,  and  each  line is terminated with a newline
       character.  In the file format descriptions, terms in italics refer  to
       field  names.   Characters  or  strings in boldface represent an actual
       character or string as it appears in the file.  Items enclosed in ital-
       icized  square brackets ([  ]) may not be present.  Since several files
       contain fields that have the identical meaning, field names are consis-
       tently defined.  For example, several WordNet files contain one or more
       synset_offset fields.  In each case, the definition of synset_offset is

       wnintro(1WN), wnintro(3WN), cntlist(5WN), lexnames(5WN), prologdb(5WN),
       senseidx(5WN), sensemap(5WN),  wndb(5WN),  wninput(5WN),  wnintro(7WN),

       Fellbaum,  C.  (1998),  ed.  "WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database".
       MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.

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