TIME(3am)                  GNU Awk Extension Modules                 TIME(3am)

       time - time functions for gawk

       @load "time"

       time = gettimeofday()
       ret = sleep(amount)

       The time extension adds two functions named gettimeofday() and sleep(),
       as follows.

              This function returns the number of seconds since the Epoch as a
              floating-point  value.  It  should have subsecond precision.  It
              returns -1 upon error and sets ERRNO to indicate the problem.

              This function attempts to sleep for the given amount of seconds,
              which may include a fractional portion.  If seconds is negative,
              or the attempt to sleep fails, then it returns -1 and  sets  ER-
              RNO.  Otherwise, the function should return 0 after sleeping for
              the indicated amount of time.

       @load "time"
       printf "It is now %g seconds since the Epoch\n", gettimeofday()
       printf "Pausing for a while... " ; sleep(2.5) ; print "done"

       GAWK:  Effective   AWK   Programming,   filefuncs(3am),   fnmatch(3am),
       fork(3am),   inplace(3am),  ordchr(3am),  readdir(3am),  readfile(3am),
       revoutput(3am), rwarray(3am).

       gettimeofday(2), nanosleep(2), select(2).

       Arnold Robbins, arnold@skeeve.com.

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