#include <signal.h>

       int sigpause(int sigmask);  /* BSD (but see NOTES) */

       int sigpause(int sig);      /* System V / UNIX 95 */

       Don't use this function.  Use sigsuspend(2) instead.

       The  function  sigpause()  is  designed  to  wait  for some signal.  It
       changes the process's signal mask (set of blocked  signals),  and  then
       waits  for  a signal to arrive.  Upon arrival of a signal, the original
       signal mask is restored.

       If sigpause() returns, it was interrupted by a signal  and  the  return
       value is -1 with errno set to EINTR.

       For   an   explanation   of   the  terms  used  in  this  section,  see

       |Interface  | Attribute     | Value   |
       |sigpause() | Thread safety | MT-Safe |
       The System V version of sigpause() is standardized in POSIX.1-2001.  It
       is also specified in POSIX.1-2008, where it is marked obsolete.

       The classical BSD version of this function appeared in 4.2BSD.  It sets
       the process's signal mask to sigmask.  UNIX 95 standardized the  incom-
       patible System V version of this function, which removes only the spec-
       ified signal sig from the process's signal mask.  The unfortunate situ-
       ation  with two incompatible functions with the same name was solved by
       the sigsuspend(2) function, that takes a sigset_t *  argument  (instead
       of an int).

   Linux notes
       On  Linux,  this  routine  is a system call only on the Sparc (sparc64)

       Glibc uses the BSD version if the _BSD_SOURCE  feature  test  macro  is
       defined  and  none  of  _POSIX_SOURCE,  _POSIX_C_SOURCE, _XOPEN_SOURCE,
       _GNU_SOURCE, or _SVID_SOURCE is defined.  Otherwise, the System V  ver-
       sion  is used (and _XOPEN_SOURCE must be defined to obtain the declara-
       tion).  Since glibc 2.19, only the System V version is exposed by <sig-
       nal.h>;  applications  that  formerly used the BSD sigpause() should be
       amended to use sigsuspend(2).

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