#include <pthread.h>

       void pthread_cleanup_push_defer_np(void (*routine)(void *),
                                          void *arg);
       void pthread_cleanup_pop_restore_np(int execute);

       Compile and link with -pthread.

   Feature Test Macro Requirements for glibc (see feature_test_macros(7)):

       pthread_cleanup_push_defer_np(), pthread_cleanup_pop_defer_np():

       These   functions   are   the   same   as  pthread_cleanup_push(3)  and
       pthread_cleanup_pop(3), except for the differences noted on this page.

       Like  pthread_cleanup_push(3),  pthread_cleanup_push_defer_np()  pushes
       routine  onto the thread's stack of cancellation clean-up handlers.  In
       addition, it also saves the thread's current  cancelability  type,  and
       sets  the  cancelability  type  to  "deferred"  (see pthread_setcancel-
       type(3)); this ensures that cancellation clean-up will  occur  even  if
       the thread's cancelability type was "asynchronous" before the call.

       Like  pthread_cleanup_pop(3), pthread_cleanup_pop_restore_np() pops the
       top-most clean-up handler  from  the  thread's  stack  of  cancellation
       clean-up handlers.  In addition, it restores the thread's cancelability
       type   to    its    value    at    the    time    of    the    matching

       The  caller must ensure that calls to these functions are paired within
       the same function, and  at  the  same  lexical  nesting  level.   Other
       restrictions apply, as described in pthread_cleanup_push(3).

       This sequence of calls:

           pthread_cleanup_push_defer_np(routine, arg);

       is equivalent to (but shorter and more efficient than):

           int oldtype;

           pthread_cleanup_push(routine, arg);
           pthread_setcanceltype(PTHREAD_CANCEL_DEFERRED, &oldtype);
           pthread_setcanceltype(oldtype, NULL);

       These  functions are nonstandard GNU extensions; hence the suffix "_np"
       (nonportable) in the names.
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