PCRE2_MAKETABLES_FREE(3)   Library Functions Manual   PCRE2_MAKETABLES_FREE(3)

       PCRE2 - Perl-compatible regular expressions (revised API)


       #include <pcre2.h>

       void pcre2_maketables_free(pcre2_general_context *gcontext,
         const uint8_t *tables);


       This function discards a set of character tables that were created by a
       call to pcre2_maketables().

       The gcontext parameter should match what was used in that call  to  ac-
       count for any custom allocators that might be in use; if it is NULL the
       system free() is used.

       There is a complete description of the PCRE2 native API in the pcre2api

PCRE2 10.34                    02 September 2019      PCRE2_MAKETABLES_FREE(3)
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