locale(3perl)          Perl Programmers Reference Guide          locale(3perl)

       locale - Perl pragma to use or avoid POSIX locales for built-in

       DO NOT USE this pragma in scripts that have multiple threads active.
       The locale is not local to a single thread.  Another thread may change
       the locale at any time, which could cause at a minimum that a given
       thread is operating in a locale it isn't expecting to be in.  On some
       platforms, segfaults can also occur.  The locale change need not be
       explicit; some operations cause perl to change the locale itself.  You
       are vulnerable simply by having done a "use locale".

           @x = sort @y;      # Native-platform/Unicode code point sort order
               use locale;
               @x = sort @y;  # Locale-defined sort order
           @x = sort @y;      # Native-platform/Unicode code point sort order
                              # again

       This pragma tells the compiler to enable (or disable) the use of POSIX
       locales for built-in operations (for example, LC_CTYPE for regular
       expressions, LC_COLLATE for string comparison, and LC_NUMERIC for
       number formatting).  Each "use locale" or "no locale" affects
       statements to the end of the enclosing BLOCK.

       See perllocale for more detailed information on how Perl supports

       On systems that don't have locales, this pragma will cause your
       operations to behave as if in the "C" locale; attempts to change the
       locale will fail.

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