LDAP_ABANDON(3)            Library Functions Manual            LDAP_ABANDON(3)

       ldap_abandon_ext - Abandon an LDAP operation in progress

       OpenLDAP LDAP (libldap, -lldap)

       #include <ldap.h>

       int ldap_abandon_ext(
              LDAP *ld,
              Bint msgid,
              LDAPControl **sctrls,
              LDAPControl **cctrls );

       The  ldap_abandon_ext()  routine is used to send a LDAP Abandon request
       for an operation in progress.  The msgid passed should be  the  message
       id   of   an   outstanding   LDAP   operation,   such  as  returned  by

       ldap_abandon_ext() checks to see if the result of the operation has al-
       ready come in.  If it has, it deletes it from the queue of pending mes-
       sages.  If not, it sends an LDAP abandon request to the LDAP server.

       The caller can expect that the result of an  abandoned  operation  will
       not be returned from a future call to ldap_result(3).

       ldap_abandon_ext()  allows  server  and client controls to be passed in
       via the sctrls and cctrls parameters, respectively.

       ldap_abandon_ext() returns a code indicating success or, in the case of
       failure, the nature of the failure.  See ldap_error(3) for details.

       The  ldap_abandon()  routine  is  deprecated in favor of the ldap_aban-
       don_ext() routine.

       Deprecated interfaces generally  remain  in  the  library.   The  macro
       LDAP_DEPRECATED can be defined to a non-zero value (e.g., -DLDAP_DEPRE-
       CATED=1) when compiling program designed to use deprecated  interfaces.
       It is recommended that developers writing new programs, or updating old
       programs, avoid use of deprecated interfaces.  Over  time,  it  is  ex-
       pected that documentation (and, eventually, support) for deprecated in-
       terfaces to be eliminated.

       ldap(3), ldap_error(3), ldap_result(3), ldap_search_ext(3)

       OpenLDAP Software is developed and maintained by The  OpenLDAP  Project
       <http://www.openldap.org/>.  OpenLDAP Software is derived from the Uni-
       versity of Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.

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