INPLACE(3am)               GNU Awk Extension Modules              INPLACE(3am)

       inplace - emulate sed/perl/ruby in-place editing

       gawk -i inplace ...

       The  inplace  extension  adds  two  functions named inplace_begin() and
       inplace_end().  These functions  are  meant  to  be  invoked  from  the
       inplace.awk wrapper which is installed when gawk is.

       By  default, each named file on the command line is replaced with a new
       file of the same name whose contents are the results of running the AWK
       program.   If the user supplies an AWK variable named INPLACE_SUFFIX in
       a BEGIN rule or on the command line, then the  inplace  extension  con-
       catenates that suffix onto the original filename and uses the result as
       a filename for renaming the original.

       gawk -i inplace 'script' files ...
       gawk -i inplace -f scriptfile files ...

       GAWK:  Effective   AWK   Programming,   filefuncs(3am),   fnmatch(3am),
       fork(3am),  ordchr(3am),  readdir(3am),  readfile(3am), revoutput(3am),

       Andrew Schorr,

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