int getrpcport(char *host, int prognum, int versnum, int proto);

       getrpcport()  returns  the  port  number for version versnum of the RPC
       program prognum running on host and using protocol proto.  It returns 0
       if  it  cannot contact the portmapper, or if prognum is not registered.
       If prognum is registered but not with version versnum,  it  will  still
       return  a port number (for some version of the program) indicating that
       the program  is  indeed  registered.   The  version  mismatch  will  be
       detected upon the first call to the service.

       Not in POSIX.1-2001.  Present on the BSDs, Solaris, and many other sys-

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       description  of  the project, and information about reporting bugs, can
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                                  2007-12-23                     GETRPCPORT(3)
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