#include <linux/aio_abi.h>         /* Defines needed types */
       #include <linux/time.h>            /* Defines 'struct timespec' */

       int io_getevents(aio_context_t ctx_id, long min_nr, long nr,
                        struct io_event *events, struct timespec *timeout);

       Note: There is no glibc wrapper for this system call; see NOTES.

       The  io_getevents() system call attempts to read at least min_nr events
       and up to nr events from the completion queue of the AIO context speci-
       fied by ctx_id.

       The  timeout  argument specifies the amount of time to wait for events,
       and is specified as a relative timeout in a structure of the  following

           struct timespec {
               time_t tv_sec;      /* seconds */
               long   tv_nsec;     /* nanoseconds [0 .. 999999999] */

       The  specified  time will be rounded up to the system clock granularity
       and is guaranteed not to expire   early.

       Specifying timeout as NULL means  block  indefinitely  until  at  least
       min_nr events have been obtained.

       On success, io_getevents() returns the number of events read.  This may
       be 0, or a value less than min_nr, if the timeout expired.  It may also
       be  a  nonzero value less than min_nr, if the call was interrupted by a
       signal handler.

       For the failure return, see NOTES.

       EFAULT Either events or timeout is an invalid pointer.

       EINVAL ctx_id is invalid.  min_nr is out of  range  or  nr  is  out  of

       EINTR  Interrupted by a signal handler; see signal(7).

       ENOSYS io_getevents() is not implemented on this architecture.

       The asynchronous I/O system calls first appeared in Linux 2.5.

       io_getevents()  is  Linux-specific  and  should not be used in programs
       that are intended to be portable.


       An  invalid ctx_id may cause a segmentation fault instead of generating
       the error EINVAL.

       io_cancel(2), io_destroy(2), io_setup(2), io_submit(2), aio(7), time(7)

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