xpath [-s suffix] [-p prefix] [-n] [-q] -e query [-e query] ... [file]

       xpath uses the XML::XPath perl module to make XPath queries to any XML
       document. The XML::XPath module aims to comply exactly to the XPath
       specification at "http://www.w3.org/TR/xpath" and yet allows extensions
       to be added in the form of functions.

       The script takes any number of XPath pointers and tries to apply them
       to each XML document given on the command line. If no file arguments
       are given, the query is done using "STDIN" as an XML document.

       When multiple queries exist, the result of the last query is used as
       context for the next query and only the result of the last one is
       output.  The context of the first query is always the root of the
       current document.

       Be quiet. Output only errors (and no separator) on stderr.

       Never use an external DTD, ie. instantiate the XML::Parser module with
       'ParseParamEnt => 0'.

   -s suffix
       Place "suffix" at the end of each entry. Default is a linefeed.

   -p prefix
       Place "prefix" preceding each entry. Default is nothing.

       The author of this man page is not very fluant in english. Please, send
       him (fabien@tzone.org) any corrections concerning this text.

       See also XML::XPath(3pm).


       This module is copyright 2000 Fastnet Software Ltd. This is free
       software, and as such comes with NO WARRANTY. No dates are used in this
       module. You may distribute this module under the terms of either the
       Gnu GPL,  or under specific licencing from Fastnet Software Ltd.
       Special free licencing consideration will be given to similarly free
       software. Please don't flame me for this licence - I've put a lot of
       hours into this code, and if someone uses my software in their product
       I expect them to have the courtesy to contact me first.

       Full support for this module is available from Fastnet Software Ltd on
       a pay per incident basis. Alternatively subscribe to the Perl-XML
       mailing list by mailing lyris@activestate.com with the text:
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